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Hi There, Welcome on my website !

My name is Anna and I'm young and enthusiastic printer and graphic designer from The Hague, although I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland.

I have acomplished two degrees in graphic design. First at Wladyslaw Strzeminski Art Academy in Lodz, Poland (2013), and second at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2018).
In between, I recived experience as a junior graphic designer in advertising agency, and UX/UI interactive studio.
During my studies in KABK I was chosen to work as a student jury member for "Best Design Dutch Book", organised by Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, and also my printed works have been used in "Queer Amsterdam" film series, where my work was presented as a part of that project.

I also co-worked with designer such as Gilles de Brock and i'm committed to Silkscreen workshop at Royal Academy as a voluntary. Also...I would love to mention that every year during KABK Open Day, I'm engaged in organising Open-Market together with other graphic design students.

Mainly I'm interested and focused on projects socially, politically, environmentally and culturally engaged. I'm a true print lover, and paper fetishist. I'm always enthusiastic, motivated and passionated about work. Committed to the tasks. Sometimes i can be adventurous, wild and dreamy. Faithful, responsible and devoted. But always stay Romantic, Idealistic and cloudless.

I exhibited at:

Waag Society,Amsterdam

Twee Pauwen Gallery, Den Haag

Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

MAMA Showroom, Rotterdam

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Grafishe Werkplaats, Den Haag

My CV you can see _here_