Hi i'm Anna

I'm young print lover. Born and rised in Warsaw, Poland. First, i'd studied graphic design at Art Academy in Lodz, Poland. As a second, I begun studies at Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. I would call myself more as an activist than an artist. Most of my projects take sharp comment of whats happening on social, political or environmental/cultural stage.

Recently, I've been chosen as a jury member for Best Design Dutch Book, organised by Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, my printed works have been used in freshly released Queer Amsterdam film series, where my work was presented and used as a part of that project.

I also co-worked with designer such as Gilles de Brock and i'm commitment to Silkscreen workshop at Royal Academy as a wolontaree. You might also heard about Hagshe Prints Market which i also organise.

I have experience in working for two years in advertising agency in Warsaw and one year of working in interctive graphic design studio also in Warsaw.