These Books Serie presents my favorite books I've chosen and designed in 2015. Master pieces comes from Austrian writer Elfride Jelinek who wrote "The Piano Player". American Jack Kerouac - "On The Road" and Czech Republic, Bohumil Hrabal who wrote "The Gentle Barbarian". All these books connects biographical theme, and drama that characters must struglle with through narration.

Jack Kerouac

Political Economy Of Women Abuse, is a project which contains articles ,research and quotes from documents about women treatment around the world from current and recent times. Content is devided in 10 chapters. Prostitution, Slavery, Sex Tourism, Trade, Assault, Trafficking, Human-Market, Exploatation, Work and Abuse. This subjectively chosen collection of short stories relates to the theme of women. Different located paragraphs became a book navigation and link to the original source.

Propaganda and Manipulation, is an outcome document of reaserch, which has been done on Printing development and its influens on politics and strategies through the centuries. Book is devided in two sections PAST and PRESENT. Stories contains examples such as 16th century impact of Gutenberg's printing press on Martin Luther Church Reformation, Louise XIV wield, photocopy machine and digital printing press impact on society, silkscreen technique, photography, painting related to politcs and racism nowadays and so on.

What Means Gender in 2017, is a magazine which has been made to assist Vj performance prepared for Vj Competition 2017 organised by Chaumont Graphic Design Festival. Magazine includes starting point of the project and stories related to it, reaserch about the topic, and manual development.

HACK NEWS, is a projects which asists my hack performance. With hacked printer I printed this magazine which publish user coments from Hacker News ( https://news.ycombinator.com ) page and leads you to the article on the website. The idea was to bring closer topic of Hacking to people not that familiar with computers or internet.

Process Book

Mono Print meets Risograph. Great Abstaction Zine.

FONT FAMILIES, is one from 45 typographical ZinePieces of TYPE Project, which theme focuses on typographical details and aspects. We KABK [De Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunste = Royal Academy of Art] students-designers have generated a typographical enciclopedia box with various interesting articles and egzamples to make this topic easier to learn and consume.